Beach Blonde


A day at the beach never felt so relaxing before!


A day at the beach never felt so relaxing before!

After suffering a life-threatening accident at the beach, Chris is rescued by a beautiful and capricious sea sprite, who wants only one thing in return for saving his life: his manhood! She returns him to shore in the body of a beautiful young woman, in spite of his protests. Chris and his friends are totally shocked by his apparent transformation, but they decide to take it in stride and devise a plan to help him adjust to the realities of his new life.

But Chris is having more than a little trouble with life as a girl. It’s humiliating and awkward to deal with so much unwanted male attention in his new, gorgeous beach body, and he’s hopelessly preoccupied with his new feminine desires. Wearing a bikini is embarrassing, and he doesn’t know a thing about makeup or fashion.

Worse still, he’s developing some very confusing feelings for his old best friend…