Lonely Country


Wishing upon a star has never been so tricky…


Wishing upon a star has never been so tricky…

Tommy and his two best friends, Allen and Jim, bring in the new harvest season by drinking bourbon under the Nebraska night sky. It’s an age-old tradition of getting trashed—and trash talking—from their reckless youth, but this one is a little different. A giant meteor shower sends brightly burning comets their way, the biggest event in nearly three hundred years. A night to remember, for sure, but as they all watch each comet blaze across the sky, they wish they had at least one available girl in the town of Hiccup, Nebraska to share it with. 

Hungover and aching, Tommy wakes up the next morning and finds their wish has come true! There is one dateable girl in town, now… and to his surprise, it’s him. Embarrassed about her transformation, “Claire” does her best to hide the evidence and get on with her chores. But when the summer sun gets too hot, she’s exposed for the newly-made woman she is.

Being a girl is hard, and Claire soon finds herself caught between the affections of her two best friends who both want to date her. But is it going to be Jim, the giant with big hands and a bigger… heart, or Allen, a whirlwind of passion and a prickly attitude that is more than most can bear? She’ll have to decide before the end of the Harvest, when the night sky will light up again with shooting stars and she’ll have her only chance to wish herself back to being a man… if she even wants to anymore.