Queen for a Day


John and his wife Melissa just can’t seem to get along, but maybe spending a little time in each other’s bodies could help?


John and his wife Melissa just can’t seem to get along. He’s sick and tired of doing all the work around the house while she loafs around and shows up to her modeling gigs once in a while, and she’s frustrated that John doesn’t understand how much effort she actually puts into her career.

In the middle of one of their heated arguments, John suddenly wishes that Melissa could get just a small taste of what it feels like to be him, but he’s completely unprepared for his wish to be granted! Suddenly he’s in Melissa’s body and she’s in his, and neither of them knows why. But their work still has to get done, so they agree to just try being each other for a while.

John is excited for his new life of relaxation and fun and looking forward to Melissa struggling with his usual duties, but he’s unprepared for just how good Melissa is at being him, and he soon realizes that he may have gotten more than he bargained for when he made his wish…