New Book: Executive Suite and Dragon Lady Pre-Order Available!

This week brings the exciting conclusion to the His Executive Gender Swap series, which I know many of you have been waiting for! Will Chloe get the life she’s always wanted, or is she going to find out that life as a cock-sucking temp and a stripper isn’t quite all the glitz and glamour that she thought it would be?

Executive Suite (His Executive Gender Swap Book 3)

Now that Chloe is working for a new boss (on her back) and stripping nights, she’s learning more and more about what it means to be a real woman. In fact, she has big plan—plans to use her body to get back at the man who fired her and ruined her life: Jack Grayson of Heliocon Enterprises. With the help of Addison and a hot little red dress, she’s going to put her new skills to work and try to catch him in a trap he won’t be able to talk his way out of.

But when her boss Connor has an unexpected visitor in the middle of a very naughty encounter, Chloe is thrust into a hot, heavy threesome with the person she loathes most: Jack himself! How will she land a job at Heliocon and tank Jack’s career if he already recognizes her from plowing her on Connor’s desk?

Chloe is quickly running out of options, and her life is starting to look as grim as it was when she was Edward. At least she still has her friend Lisa. Could the woman who started this all be the key to unlocking the power of Chloe’s wish? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to His Executive Gender Swap!

I’m also excited to announce that I’m hard at work on the next, naughty chapter of Fantasy Swapped Online: After the sexy and thrilling conclusion to Pleasure Bound, Lacey has a whole host of sexy new talents, but the stakes are higher than ever. How is she going to use her new skills to fight and fuck her way all the way to the Lich-Lord while rescuing her friends in the process? You can find out on March 2nd, so be sure to pre-order and it’ll be delivered straight to your Kindle on release!

Dragon Lady: A Gender Swapped LitRPG Adventure (Fantasy Swapped Online Book 3)

As time runs down for the players trapped by the evil Lich-Lord in the hyper-realistic MMORPG Fantasy Realms Online, Kromgorn the Barbarian is still stuck playing as the gorgeous, pleasure-fueled Lacey the Courtesan, a character designed to level fastest when she’s getting busy with every NPC in sight. It’s a humiliating way to have to play the game, but at least he—er, she’s getting better at it!

But now that Lacey has leveled her character up to an unprecedented level for a Courtesan and unlocked some of the secret, high-level perks of her class—like access to the spell trees of the Charisma-fueled Sorceress class—she finally isn’t quite so helpless as she once was. Thanks to her unique skills, she might end up being the most powerful magic-user on the server, and she has more than one way to make her enemies hot! 

Riding high from her clever victories over the Lich-Lord’s lieutenants, she takes to the skies with her guildmate Topper the Paladin to track down their lost friend Jazzus and confront the traitorous Haxor, before they pin down the location of the Lich-Lord and end his evil schemes once and for all. The only problem is that there are still a few nagging, unanswered questions… Why haven’t they been attacked directly yet? Why has it been so easy for Lacey to gain more power? And exactly how many more NPCs will she need to seduce before this is over? Lacey’s victories have all been a little too perfect… and the only person who has the answers to her questions is the Lich-Lord himself.

The action is hot, the stakes are high, and Lacey will need to pull out every skill she can muster if she wants to win the day. Can she and her friends beat the Lich-Lord at his own game, or are they playing right into his hands?

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