New Book: Naughty Gamer Swap

Very naughty holiday celebrations delayed this post, but fortunately not this book, which was out on Friday! I know some of you are already loving my newest title Naughty Gamer Swap, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, give it a look… it’s just the thing to help get you going in the new year!

Trevor thinks it’s hilarious how bad girls are at videogames, and he loves teasing his friend Kylie by beating her over and over at every game they play. But when Kylie gets annoyed with Trevor’s constant mocking, she decides to teach him a lesson by using an experimental new gaming technology on him that reprograms his genetics to turn him into a horny, young blonde girl overnight!

Trevor is horrified at some of the new side effects of his transformation, like his newfound desires for his sexy roommate, Mitch… and his sexy roommate Samantha. He starts to wonder if maybe girls are so bad at videogames because they’re distracted by other things, like how amazing it feels to try out a few of Samantha’s “very special” toys while she teaches him how his new body works…

But since Kylie won’t have a way to change him back for a few weeks at least, he’s got some other things to figure out too! He has no idea how to be a girl, no clothes to wear, and no idea what the guys at his game testing QA job are going to say about his new, cute, blonde body… He’d better think fast if he wants to keep his job and survive as a woman in a man’s world!