Free Story: VR Gender Swap Excerpt

If you’d like a little taste of what’s inside of VR Gender Swap, enjoy this naughty preview of some of the fun times that Mike… er, Mikala… has in store for her!

Excerpt from VR Gender Swap: The Complete Virtnet Chronicles

Two weeks passed before Michael found his chance to try out his step-sister’s VR machine, but then one night it finally came: Kyla had a sleepover party for a friend’s birthday, girls only. There was no chance she’d jack in that evening. Michael didn’t waste a minute. As soon as his father pulled away from the driveway with Kyla in tow, Michael raced over to his chair, hastily jacking into virtnet.

He found himself standing in his own virtnet lobby this time, wearing the same old grey default avatar as always. The room was remarkably like Kyla’s had been: a coffee table, a sofa, a cabinet. He’d never bothered to pick a decoration scheme, though, so he was stuck with boring defaults. Blue canvas couch. Industrial grey steel cabinet. Low, grey carpeting. More like a dentist’s office than the luxurious parlor Kyla enjoyed. Michael made a mental note to change that later.

He walked up to the glass wall across from the couch and tapped it once. His muscle-bound action hero avatar stared back at him, black crewcut tight and high, square jaw set in a growly grimace. He even wore a bandana around his forehead and dressed in military fatigues by default. Jungle Jim, the model was called. Michael stuck his tongue out at it. It was fine for action games, but so not what he wanted right now.

He tapped the screen again and whisked the password prompt to the side so that he could log into a different account. Jungle Jim faded into swirling mist. With trembling fingers, he typed in Kyla’s credentials. When he tapped again, the login screen whooshed away, and the swirling mist parted once more to reveal Kyla’s super-hot virtbod. The avatar looked just like he remembered: taut, rounded thighs, high breasts, and long tan legs, bound up in that tight white shift. Just like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

Michael’s hand hovered over the screen. He suddenly had the disorienting sensation of feeling aroused in an avatar with no physical way to express it. Well, there was an easy way to fix that. He tapped.

He gasped. His arousal collided with a flood of unfamiliar sensations, washing away conscious thought in a torrent of sexy feelings. It was too much, too much. His pussy (his pussy?) gushed suddenly, flooding him with erotic sensation and driving him to his knees, but there was more padding on his ass than he was used to. The sensation of it smacking against his shins drove him forward onto his hands and knees with a moan. His breasts (his breasts?) bounced forward and fell out of the filmy cotton shift, nipples frozen into razor sharp points as they grazed the edge of the fabric in their frenzied tumble to freedom. He sucked in a tight breath and bit his lip as they escaped. His long, chestnut hair ran everywhere… hanging over his face, cascading down his back, tickling his shoulders. There was a yearning, pulling, gaping need that seemed to center right between his legs. He slammed his thighs together, straining vainly against it, trying to contain it, but he couldn’t close it in. He could feel the gap of air between his tightly pressed legs and the soft, downy hair that ran in a small strip over his pussy. He was dying to fill it with something, anything. Anything.

He blew some hair out of his face and rolled onto his back, panting. He couldn’t stop touching his breasts, his abs, his thighs, hands running over the silky skin that electrified him with sensation at every touch. His fingers soon found their way down to his lips, the sweet, downy lips of his tight little cunt. But then he held himself back, barely. He had to get a grip! He forced his hands to his sides in a sudden burst of will, his legs to the floor, his heaving bust to be still. He took long, even breaths. He stared at the ceiling. It was torture to keep his hips from writhing. His pussy was slick and wet, throbbing for attention. He hadn’t even left the lobby yet.

Apparently this was what happened when years of fantasies of being in such a hot body collided with the actuality of stepping into the flesh. He blinked, clearing his eyes. He was still a little dazed. He still wanted to get fucked. Or that’s what the avatar was telling his mind that his arousal meant, anyway. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to get fucked or not. He did. Didn’t he? This was all very confusing. He felt his cheeks get hot when he realized what he was thinking. He threw a sidelong glance at the virtbod selection wall, hardened into a mirrored silver sheen now that he’d made a choice, and saw a half-naked supermodel sprawled on her back, meeting him with a disoriented, wide-eyed gaze. Her mouth hung open in a perfect little O-shape. Her cheeks (his cheeks?) bloomed with an ever-deepening blush as he realized the wanton girl whose image he was lusting after was himself.

What exactly had Michael gotten himself into?

Michael shook his head and sat up, looping tan arms around his knees. He tried to put his thoughts together, starting to adjust to this unfamiliar body. Yes, he was horny. And yes, everything felt amazing when he was this turned on. But no! He hadn’t come to virtnet in Kyla’s avatar to just finger himself and jack out. This was his one shot to do this without getting caught. The chance might never come again! He needed to make some real memories, damn it. He stood up, adjusting his shift so that everything was covered and in place again. The erotic thoughts threatened to flood in each time he touched himself, but he barely managed to hold them back.

He took a few, cautious steps and was surprised at how different everything felt. The avatar was about as tall as Michael was in real life, but the proportions felt completely dissimilar. Michael was thin and narrow. This body had hourglass curves. His center of balance felt lower. His hips felt wider. He was used to leading himself with his shoulders. Now it felt more comfortable to take rolling steps that led with his hips.

He stretched his hands high into the air, arched his back, pushed out his chest, and cracked his neck. Soon, it would probably all feel as familiar and natural as stepping into Jungle Jim, but for now the sensations and the motions of this body were new and foreign. He drank them in, carefully exploring his new proportions. He’d always been taught that girls were much weaker than boys. Maybe it was true in general, but this body didn’t feel much weaker than his own. If anything he felt more graceful, more strength and precision in his movements. He almost flowed. But then, he supposed, this body was custom-engineered for virtnet. Of course it would be perfect, just like Jungle Jim was the pinnacle of macho masculinity. He glanced again at himself in the mirrored wall and flashed a little row of immaculately white teeth. Eat your heart out, Barbie.

Now that he had control of Kyla’s account, he had Kyla’s parental controls. Unrestricted access, for the first time ever. All of the adult chat rooms were open to him. He crossed the lobby, tapped on the door in the far wall, and then he was through.

Michael stood on a small, circular platform which hung in the middle of a sea of stars, stretching around him as far as he could see. Some stood alone, dormant. Some were clustered together, buzzing brightly. He’d read about the virtnet chatspace but never seen it before. The glowing clusters arrayed against the blue-black backdrop of the simulated cosmos was surprisingly beautiful, he thought. He shivered in his tiny shift. And a little cold, too. Nice touch. He wondered what the appropriate etiquette was to invite someone to a sexy virtchat, or how you even figured out how someone was interested. Looking closely, he saw that each of the stars had their own little colors. Maybe those meant something?

Before he could begin to puzzle it out, he realized that one of the stars, a pink one with a faint green outline, was growing bigger by the second. It almost seemed to be zooming towards him. He watched, fascinated, as it swelled in the middle of starfield. Then, suddenly, it burst in front of him, revealing a ravishing woman standing on a disk that matched his own. It docked next to him, and she stepped across, smiling at him. Her avatar was taller than his, with the same proportions but different coloring. She was pale and blonde, with sapphire eyes and sharp features. High cheekbones, long nose; still beautiful, but more of a Roman Aphrodite than a tanned lingerie model. She wore clothes to fit the part: a white toga dress draped over one shoulder, tapering to her waist before flaring out into a pleated skirt, and golden gladiator sandals criss-crossed her feet before winding their way up to her knees. The hem of her pleats barely covered her ass. Michael was glad he didn’t have to worry about erections right now, although he did have to stifle a yelp at an involuntary pulse from his clit and another burst of slickness between his legs.

She was still smiling at him. He smiled back, feeling dopey, and suddenly shy.

“Hi there! You’re looking bashful,” she said.

“Um… thanks,” he replied. He was startled to hear the high, musical timbre of his voice. But obviously it would be female now. He fought back the urge to test it with a scale of notes.

“Well, get in here,” the woman said. Before he could protest she grabbed Michael’s wrist and pulled him onto her disk. As his foot crossed the threshold, the scene shifted around them…

…and then they were somewhere else.

He was standing in a small, door-less room done all in shades of scarlet. Each of the four walls was draped corner to corner in flowing velvet, with two low, richly-upholstered couches pushed into an L-shape in the corner. Kitty-corner to them, a queen-sized bed nestled in the other corner. Short cylindrical lamps that flickered with simulated candlelight ran along the base of the walls, throwing up soft, muted tones of yellow and orange that licked the drapes like tongues of harmless flame. It was warm here, warm enough that he felt his muscles relax from their instinctive tightening after the jarring transition. Was that cinnamon he smelled? Small was the wrong word to describe the room, he now realized. Every detail of the space seemed calculated to provoke a sense of intimacy. The designer had succeeded, as far as Michael was concerned.

“Close your mouth,” said the woman in Roman attire. “Unless you’d like me to find something to put there.” She was seated with legs crossed on one of the couches, her arm draped across the back. She raised an eyebrow.

Michael’s mouth snapped shut. He gave a tight smile, unsure of what to say.

The woman looked at him strangely now, eyes concerned. “What’s up with the default clothes? Are you in a hurry or something? And hey, I thought you had a sleep-over tonight…”

Uh-oh. Michael had a suspicion that he knew who he was standing in the room with, and it was growing side by side with a grasping panic that was whipping his pulse to an ever-quickening beat.

“Oh, you know…” he said. Think fast. Think faster. “I decided to log on real quick before I left. So yeah, default clothes.” He hadn’t even thought to change his avatar’s clothes, but of course Kyla would.

The woman seemed to buy it. Or at least she seemed to relax. She smiled at him again and got up then, walking towards him until she was standing just inches away, one hand resting casually on her hip. Her eyes looked huge, framed in thick black eyeliner. He could smell her perfume now, understated and classy, mixing faintly with the raw scent of her skin. It made his knees a little weak. She was uncomfortably close, if only because he didn’t trust himself not to lean the few remaining inches forward and melt into her lips. He felt his nipples harden.

She grasped his chin lightly between her thumb and forefinger, tilted his head back ever so slightly, moved her lips an inch closer. “I think it’s cute that you logged in just to say goodbye to your girlfriend,” she said softly. Her hand slid past his hair to gently grip the back of his neck.

Michael fought to conceal the panic that had his heart hammering against his chest. He forced himself to keep still, to keep smiling. It was Amy holding him in place, Amy whose hot breath was making him so horny his avatar was almost dripping. Amy who was most definitely going to tell Kyla that Michael was joyriding in her virtnet account. He had to get out of here…

And then Amy pulled him forward and kissed him.

It was a deep, sweet kiss, glistening lips pressing against his own while her free hand started to stroke his long hair in sweeping movements down his arching back. The hand at his neck dropped down to grab his ass and she yanked his hips forward to meet her own. Their clothing was crushed between them. She held him tightly in place, and his toes turned in as he felt a warmth start to grow in his crotch that made him want to squirm against her.

Her face pulled back half an inch, eyes holding his gaze. Her hand didn’t move. “You must have just a little time before you leave…” she teased, smiling.

“No, I d-don’t think so…” he managed to stammer.

“No?” she purred. She leaned in once more and gently drew her teeth along his neck, which also drew an unexpected sigh out of him. His legs shook once more.

“N-no, I really don’t…” This was agony. Why did it have to be Amy? He was dying to give in to her, but there was too much risk!

“Wait, no for real?” Suddenly she was holding him by his shoulders and had stepped back to arms length. “Like really? Why did you log in then?” Her mischievous smile had wilted into a pout.

“No reason in particular,” he said. That was a stupid thing to say, he thought then.

Her eyes narrowed. “No reason?”

“I mean, just to see you.”

“And have a nice conversation.”


“But not fool around.”


“Because there isn’t time.”

“Speaking of…”

“Unh-uh. No way.” Her eyes glazed over. Had she pulled up her personal control menu? Then she refocused on Michael.

“What was that?” he asked.

“You’re acting weird. I don’t like it. What’s going on?” she demanded.

It was time to go. This might be the chance of a lifetime, but it wasn’t worth getting caught over. He shuddered to think what would happen if anyone found out what he was doing. Amy might tell Kyla someone had logged in, but she’d never know it was Michael. He ran the command to jack out.

Nothing happened.

He pulled away from her, shocked, and tried to run it again. It was a simple mental command. Once more, no result. He looked around in a panic. The lack of doors in the room seemed more ominous, suddenly. He’d never been stuck in virtnet before… let alone in a girl’s body. A light sweat broke out across his back.

“Oh no,” Amy said. “I have my private console up. I can see you trying to exit. I locked the room.”

“You can do that?” he asked.

Amy frowned. “Of course. It’s my room. My rules. You know that I…” She trailed off, eyeing him suspiciously. Suddenly she gestured and a small virtscreen appeared floating in the air next to her. It was her console, no longer private. She grabbed it like a tablet computer and started tapping at a program, glancing up at Michael periodically.

“Whoa!” she said, taking a step back. “These aren’t Kyla’s brain patterns I’m reading… who the hell are you?” Michael gasped. Amy looked furious.

“How can you possibly tell that?”

She waved the virtscreen at him. “Special programs. Something I whipped up in my spare time. I don’t know who you are but you have no idea who you’re messing with.”

Michael felt his temper flare up then. What right did she have to lock him into virtnet? “Maybe I do, Amy Saunders. Maybe you should let me go right now if you know what’s good for you.” He pointed a finger at her and stuck his chin out defiantly, annoyed that those threats didn’t sound very threatening coming from the dulcet voice of a girl two inches shorter than Amy.

Amy waved her hand towards him. He felt his wrists snap together in front of him, and a sudden weight on them pulled him tottering to his knees, hands slamming against the floor. He winced at the pain as his breasts bounced on the way down, and then he felt similar weights slide over his ankles. He struggled and struggled, shaking against the invisible bonds, but couldn’t move his hands or feet. It was like he was chained to the plushly carpeted floor, bottom waving in the air as he fought. Panic clawed at him again, but he pushed it down and glared up at Amy through angry eyes.

“Let me go. Now.” He tried to make his voice sound authoritative, but it came out sounding more like a breathy sex slave’s voice.

“You’re not in much of a position to make threats,” she replied. She flicked her hand and he felt something hard and supple strike him across the ass. It left a thin, burning line that crossed both cheeks, and he felt his eyes water at the pain, anger melting into fear as he tried in vain to wiggle away from it. His bindings held him tight. He burned with shame at the involuntary squeak that popped out of his pretty mouth when it happened.

“I can do more than make you squeak,” Amy said. “Now talk. How do you know my name? How did you get into Kyla’s account?” He couldn’t tell her the truth, and he didn’t know what to say, so he kept his mouth shut, whimpering softly. She flicked a few more times and Michael felt the same burning length smack him again and again. He tried to grit his teeth and take the pain, but finally his lips parted and he cried out. This was terrible. He had seen porn like this, masturbated to porn like this, but never imagined how bad (and still somehow good) that burning sting would feel. The high-pitched noises he was making were actually turning him on. His brain struggled to resolve the erotic feelings with the humiliation of being the girl who was punished.

“Please stop…” he begged, tears rolling down his face. “I can’t tell you…”

Her eyes flicked back to the virtscreen and she frowned. “Strange… your brain patterns are so similar to Kyla’s, but I know you’re not her…” She looked at him again.

“Michael?” she asked, eyes widening.

Michael wanted to die just then. He felt a deep, deep shame rising up inside of him. It burned with a rushing warmth that spread through his whole body, and though he tried to prevent the blush from blooming on his face, there was nothing he could do. Even without a mirror, he knew his face had turned a deep enough crimson to match the color scheme of the room. Amy didn’t miss the significance of that blush. She tossed her golden curls back over her shoulder and laughed and laughed at him until her eyes were brimming with tears. Bound as he was, all he could do was wait in humiliation while she wiped them away and calmed herself.

“Please, please Amy…” he said. “You can’t tell Kyla. She’ll tell my dad. She’ll tell everyone. Please…”

“Oh Michael, Michael, Michael…” Amy said, still fighting back giggles as her laughter died down. “Who knew that you had such adorable little fantasies?” She started tapping her lower lip as if considering what to do with him. “You look so cute down on all fours like that, wearing your sister’s avatar.”

He felt the blood rush through his face again.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” Amy asked, her face dancing with amusement. “You like being a helpless little girl, subject to my every whim?” She crouched down near his face to whisper in his ear. “This is your deepest, darkest fantasy, isn’t it Michael?” He could feel the heat of her breath on his ear, turning him on. He wanted to protest, but his back arched without his consent, pushing his bottom higher. “Do you want to know what one of my fantasies is?” He felt her hand on his ass, suddenly, sliding down toward his sex. She stopped just short, fingers cupped against Michael’s inner thigh and rubbing in warm little circles. “I’ve always wanted to take a boy and turn him into a pretty little girl,” she whispered, forcing a single fingertip through glistening lips and gliding up the length of his wet, hot pussy. He gasped at the explosion of sensation and he jerked forward, but he was still locked to the floor. He was shaking with excitement, burning with shame.

“Please, Amy…” he panted out. “You can’t tell anyone…”

“Oh, I won’t,” she promised. “But you’re going to pay for my silence before I release you, little slave. First we’re going to have some fun.” She straightened up from her crouch and returned to her virtscreen. Michael whimpered at the dull ache her finger had left between his legs. His whole body shook with need to have her come back and finish what she’d started.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” she said. “I’m going to have my fun with you, and if you’re very good and play along very well, I’ll let you go and never tell anyone this happened. Deal?”

Did he really have a choice? He held her eyes and nodded, still quivering.

“Good girl,” she said, smiling faintly. “First things first. You do look cute in your sister’s avatar, but it’s a little too weird for me. Let’s get you into something a little different.” She was tapping and sliding at her virtscreen, but Michael couldn’t tell what she was doing. Suddenly he was pulled to his feet, hands and legs snapping out around him. He hung there spread eagle, breasts heaving, stuck in the position. He saw Amy smirk at him over the top of her virtscreen. He had the strangest sensation of his body changing, but he couldn’t say how or what had changed. It was definitely still a female avatar, whatever she was doing. Then he felt his shift melt into two different pieces, rougher and tighter than before. One of them bound and lifted his breasts while the other clung to his hips and tightened snugly between the cheeks of his ass.

After a moment, Amy opened a full length mirror next to him. He gawked at the girl staring back at him in it. She was still a tanned, pretty brunette with long, flowing hair, but she had soft brown eyes instead of his sister’s sharp greens, she was slighter of build, and she was two inches shorter than the previous avatar he’d worn. She was standing spread eagle, hair curled and heavy make-up perfectly accentuating her dark features. She was dressed in a lacy black push-up bra and matching thong. The sight of that, along with the feel of the rough lace against his ass and breasts, drew another little spasm out of Michael. While Amy and Kyla’s avatars were grown women in their early twenties, this girl didn’t look a day over eighteen. She looked… well, she looked like she could be Kyla’s avatar’s little sister.

“That’s better,” Amy said, smiling at her handiwork.

“How can you do all this?” he asked, panting.

“Virtnet hacking,” Amy explained. “Pretty advanced stuff. Who do you think taught your step-sister her programming skills, huh? I’ve got all kinds of fun toys for us to play with. Most of what I’m doing is highly illegal.” She arched an eyebrow at him, smiling. “But then, you won’t be telling anyone, will you?”

He gulped and shook his head, brown curls bobbing back and forth.

“I didn’t think so. Want another little taste of what I can do? Check this out… Mikala.”

What had she just called him? Amy tapped at her screen a few more times and Michael’s head spun… it felt like someone was unpacking his brain, jumbling it up in a box, and then shoving the pieces back in with a new arrangement.

Mikala blinked. What had Amy just done to her?

“Poor girl,” teased Amy. “I can see you’re confused.” She brushed her virtscreen to the side, where it hovered in the air, and slinked towards Mikala with a sly smile. Amy towered over her now. She reached out and rested a finger on Mikala’s lip, halting the stream of questions that threatened to come tumbling out of the trembling girl.

“Virtjacks directly interface with your brain,” Amy said, bringing her other hand to slide up Mikala’s torso and cupping her breast. “Which is how you actually feel these delightful sensations.” She squeezed once. Mikala stifled a gasp. Amy gently teased at her nipple, through the bra, and Mikala squirmed in her bindings. Amy leaned in close again. “But it also provides a backdoor for someone with unscrupulous intentions to root around in there and play with your thoughts,” she continued. “Which is why you might have noticed that you think your name is Mikala now, and you can’t think of yourself without using female pronouns.”

Now Mikala did gasp. Amy was right. She understood that in fact her name was Michael, and that she was a boy, but for some reason she couldn’t seem to wrap her head around the concepts and apply them to herself right now. They kept sliding away from her. Stop thinking your name is Mikala, she thought. You’re not a girl, you’re a boy! she thought. It was no use. Her brain told her that her name was Mikala and that she was a girl, like she’d been born with the knowledge.

“I don’t think we need these bindings anymore,” Amy said, tapping Mikala on the nose. And just like that, her hands and legs were free. She started to fall to her knees, sore after being held spread eagle for so long, but Amy caught her wrist and held her up, one hand sliding around Mikala’s slender waist to pull her close once again. She wiggled against Amy, trying to push away, but the taller girl was also so much stronger than Mikala’s new avatar. Amy held her fast, laughing.

“Sorry, Mikala,” she said. “Your hot little body wasn’t made to fight.” Amy leaned in close, brushing her soft cheek against Mikala’s jawline and whispered into her ear, once again: “But that doesn’t mean you don’t have other uses.” She jerked Mikala’s wrist down and twisted it behind her back, forcing her towards the bed. Mikala whimpered and struggled against Amy, legs tensing and pushing as they edged towards the silky sheets. She’d never felt so powerless. Mikala couldn’t decide if she felt humiliated or more turned on than she’d ever been. Maybe both.

Amy shoved Mikala the last foot towards the bed with a thrust of her hips, hanging onto her wrists as she tumbled onto the sheets, bent over the side of the bed. Then Amy was behind her again, one arm pinning her down, pelvis thrust against Mikala’s backside, grinding into her. Her other hand dropped to Mikala’s pussy, fingers thrumming a cadence against her clit through the thin material of her thong. Mikala moaned, suddenly lost in ecstasy.

“Mmmm,” said Amy. “Yeah, moan for me, you little slut.” And then she jerked Mikala’s thong down in a single motion and slid two fingers deep into her throbbing, soaking pussy, working them furiously in and out while Mikala lay helplessly pinned. She writhed against Amy’s hand, almost crying at the sensation. All thoughts, all logic had flown from her head. There was no shame, no fear, no panic… just Amy’s fingers, sliding effortlessly in and out to part her aching lips again and again.

“More…” she begged.

“What did you say?” asked Amy, pulling her fingers out and slapping Mikala’s ass with three quick slaps. Each of them made Mikala jump with a little burst of pleasure. “What does my pretty little slut want?”

“Pleaaase, more… harder…” she panted, face half-buried in a pillow. Her face burned, but she was too far gone for shame, now. She was lost in her lust, and all she wanted was for Amy to come back and fill her tight little pussy with something, anything; whatever would stop the agonizing ache that demanded attention in the soft, wet place between her legs.

“My little slut wants more?” Amy asked, feigning surprise. “Well, I’m not sure my hand is going to cut it… But I can get something that might.” She snapped her fingers and Mikala saw her virtscreen pop up out of the corner of her eye. Amy tapped a few times and then Mikala felt something thick and warm pressing against her leg. “Yeah,” continued Amy. “Some girls are fine with fingers. But pretty little sluts like you need a hard, throbbing dick inside of them to calm them down, don’t they?”

Mikala struggled to twist to the side and see what was going on… She caught a glimpse of Amy, toga-dress hiked up, her perfect blonde body now sporting a seven-inch cock that poked proudly out in front of her, thick and fully erect. Her clear blue eyes twinkled with amusement as she bobbed her hips with a little thrust. Both girls watched it bounce in the air. Mikala was torn between horror and wonder. Was Amy going to shove that giant thing inside of her tiny pussy? Would it even fit? It looked so huge to Mikala. The smirk that spread across Amy’s face as she watched Mikala’s eyes widen suggested that she was going to try. Mikala squirmed and quivered trying to escape, but she was still held firmly in place by Amy’s iron grip.

“Whoa, hey…” she said. “I uh, I’m not sure we need to go there, Amy…”

Amy’s eyes shined. “Second thoughts, little slut? Don’t worry. I promise your pussy can take it. You’ll see. Who told you you could move, anyway?” She gave a little growl and twisted Mikala’s arm, forcing her to straighten out. Her face pushed back against the pillow. Mikala couldn’t see Amy at all now, but she could feel her leaning in, pressing her arm down against the small of her back to force Mikala’s bottom to tilt up. Panic shot through Mikala and she slammed her thighs tight, locking them shut with all the force her little body could muster. Amy was just playing, just threatening her, right? She couldn’t possibly mean to actually fuck her like this…

Mikala felt Amy’s firmly insistent knee push against the back of her locked thighs as the smooth skin of Amy’s new cock rubbed against the outside of Mikala’s leg. “Mmmm… you have such soft, supple legs,” Amy said, her voice straining with what sounded like poorly-concealed lust, now. Her free hand rubbed against Mikala’s tensed ass, stroking it softly as she played with the helpless girl.

“Amy?” Mikala squeaked. “Amy… you’re not really going to…”

Amy cut her off by forcing her thighs apart with a sudden push of her knee, prompting a squeal from Mikala. Her legs shuddered as she tried to squeeze them back together, and she bucked against Amy, but Amy just kept her knee where it was and forced Mikala back down. It was impossible! Amy was twice as strong as Mikala, easily. Now Mikala was really getting worried. She wriggled and squirmed and fought to try and get away, but Amy just laughed and kicked Mikala’s legs further apart with a quick knock of her knee against either thigh. Mikala lost her footing and felt her stomach slide down flat against the mattress. Her panic intensified. Her legs were splayed wide and her pussy felt cool in the open air.

“Amy?” cried Mikala desperately. “Amy, you’re just teaching me a lesson, right? Right? Lesson over? Amy?”

“Oh man,” groaned Amy. “Yeah, I was, but damn… you’re such a hot little slut. And the thing about giving yourself a virtnet cock…” Mikala felt the thick, warm length of it bouncing in the air again, slapping between her legs and against her pussy. “…is that you need to use it as badly as a boy does,” Amy said, dragging the tip of it down across Mikala’s sex, just like she’d done with her finger. Mikala shuddered and moaned as it parted her ever so slightly. It was a rich, achingly delicious feeling, and her body screamed for more even as her mind shuddered in fear. It was so big. She could hardly think about anything else.

“Do you want it, you little slut?” asked Amy, probing gently against Mikala with little jerks of her hips, torturing her mercilessly.

Mikala quivered and shook, tried to fight the rising tide of need that swelled up inside of her, but she couldn’t. She shut her eyes tight and put her face into the pillow. “Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, rocking her hips back against the teasing cock.

Amy didn’t need any more encouragement than that. She pushed in with a hard thrust and a low, husky groan. Mikala cried out into the soft down of the pillow as she felt Amy’s smooth, hard cock slide past her outer lips and slam deep, deep inside of her. It did hurt a little, but she hardly noticed because it was also so thick and firm and wonderful, filling her up and stretching her out and throwing erotic sensations she’d never even known existed into her brain. She felt Amy push deeper and then deeper still. Her eyes watered, and then Amy’s hips smacked into her bottom with a satisfying thump that rocked her whole self forward, and she knew Amy had been right. Her tight little pussy could stretch to take all seven inches.

And then Amy was fucking her like a wild animal. That electrifying thump of solid crotch to ass contact lit a fire under both of them. Amy couldn’t seem to stop pounding into Mikala, pulling out and then pounding in again. Mikala’s whole body sang with the ecstasy of it all, the sweet feelings radiating out from her pussy and washing like warm ocean waves across her tightly held arms, her shaking legs, her tingling breasts, and her rocking hips, before finally bursting forth from her parted lips in a cry of utter delight. Every time Amy slammed into her with her own loud, oddly still feminine moans of pleasure, sensation coursed through Mikala like a riptide and threatened to wash her away.

And then a warmth started growing in her lower belly, like a great beast awakening, that made her grind and shake and wiggle her hips in an ever more and more frantic and desperate attempt to press in on the cock, push back against the thrusts, feel the satisfying friction of skin inside her oh-so-sensitive pussy. Amy had released Mikala’s arms now to get a better hold on her hips, but all Mikala could do, all she wanted to do, was to stretch her arms out as far as they could reach on the bed and luxuriate in getting gloriously, furiously fucked like the little slut she was.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” cried Amy, bucking against her. “God, you’re so into this! Oh, god, I’m going to come…”

At those words, the rumbling beast inside Mikala’s belly reared up with a fiery roar. It electrified her muscles in a series of soul-shattering spasms that shot down her legs and rushed up her spine and caused her to cry out in a wordless scream of ecstasy, even as she felt the head of Amy’s throbbing cock swell inside of her and pump burst after burst into her wildly-convulsing body.

When the shudders finally subsided, all Mikala could do was lie where she was on the bed, exhausted. She felt spent, wonderful. Every muscle in her body still sang with the tiny after-tremors of the experience, slowly fading like the vibrations of a violently plucked harpstring. Amy fell forward on top of her, breathing hard. She rubbed her face and breasts against Mikala’s back, ran her hands up and down her arms with a silken touch, kissed her neck. When she slowly slid out, still hard, Mikala squeezed her eyes tight and stifled another gasp.

“Good… slut…” Amy panted. She gave a long, satisfied sigh.

Mikala felt Amy push away from her. She pulled herself all the way onto the bed with shaking limbs and turned herself over to glare at Amy. Mikala’s body was covered with sweat, and she could feel long strands of her curly brown hair sticking to her face. Her avatar (her body?) was starting to feel sore from the intense fucking, now, and she winced at the pain and gently rested her hand on her still-wet pussy.

Amy smirked at her expression. She was tapping at her virtscreen, and her cock was already receding under the toga-dress to meld back into its original shape. “A little sore, Mikala?” she asked. “Yeah. That’ll happen the first time. Or any time your little pussy takes a cock that big, until you’ve gotten used to it.”

“Are we done here?” Mikala asked through gritted teeth. She tried to jack out again but ran into the same wall she’d hit earlier. The command did nothing. She was starting to feel sticky and dirty after their intense fuck-session.

“We’re done when I say we’re done,” replied Amy. She’d found a hand towel somewhere and tossed it at Mikala. It landed in her lap. “You’re a hot little mess right now,” Amy continued. “Clean yourself up.” She stepped back, hands resting at her hips, watching Mikala. She was the picture of composure again, looking cool and collected.

“Just let me jack out, Amy! Jeez, you already fucked me…”

Amy’s tone took on a note of warning. “I’ve been a very lenient with you so far, slave, but don’t push your luck. I could keep you here all night if I wanted. This would just be a start.” Mikala felt her cheeks start to burn as her legs tightened ever so slightly at the idea of getting fucked again. Amy started laughing, the warning gone. “Such a little slut! Look at how bad you want it now that you’ve had a taste.”

“I don’t, I don’t,” she protested, her face betraying her.

“Shut up. Clean yourself.”

Amy watched as Mikala dabbed at herself with the towel and wouldn’t let her stop until her pussy was clean and her legs were completely dry. It was humiliating for Mikala to sit there half-naked in front of Amy’s probing eyes and clean every crevice of her body until her mistress was satisfied. When she was done, she gently set the towel aside. Her thong was nowhere to be seen, so she drew her knees in close and hugged them, still sitting on the bed.

“Good girl,” said Amy. “What have we learned tonight?”

What did she want to hear?

“That I’m a little slut?” Mikala ventured.

“You are that, but the lesson tonight is not to play with other people’s toys.” Amy smirked. “Or else you might find that you’re the toy.”

Mikala lowered her eyes. “Yes, mistress.”

“Oh, poor slut. You sound so sad…” She considered a moment, and then tapped a few times at her virtscreen. Then she smiled again at Mikala.

“I just sent you credentials for an extra account I have,” Amy said. “It’s protected from logging just like mine and Kyla’s are, but it’s also a sub-account of my own, so I have complete control over it. But if you’d like to come play sissy again, you can use it without stealing your sister’s credentials.” She smiled wickedly.

“Why would I come back?” Mikala asked. “Are you kidding me? This was awful…”

“Was it?” asked Amy, eyes shining.

Mikala didn’t trust herself to reply. Instead she said, “Just remember our deal, right? You can’t tell anyone about this.”

“Of course, slave. Our little secret.”

And then Mikala jacked out.

Want more? Read on in the full title at…

VR Gender Swap: The Complete Virtnet Chronicles 4-Book Bundle
Mike Wantry has always wondered what it would feel like to be a girl, and thanks to the magic of full-body virtual reality his dreams are finally possible! There’s just one problem: All gender and sex experimentation is blocked on his VR machine.

When he finds himself home alone one day, he decides to “borrow” a female-coded machine and see what it’s like to walk a mile in his sister’s shoes. Everything is going well until her girlfriend Amy catches Mike in the act. She decides to have a little fun with him by renaming him “Mikala” and showing him exactly what it means to be a girl with some very intimate lessons — and that’s just the beginning of her plans!

As Mike falls deeper and deeper into the sex-fueled world of Amy’s virtual reality playground, the lines between the real world and the virtual begin to blur. Amy’s lessons begin to control him even outside of VR, and the boys at school can’t shut up about the hottest new piece of VR tail, Mikala. But when class stud Chuck Higgins and queen bee Christy Parker take an interest in Mikala, Mike doesn’t know what to do. He might even be starting to like Chuck… but only when he’s Mikala.

Only one thing is certain… getting to be Mikala in VR is the hottest thing Mike’s ever experienced. What’s a girl to do?