New Book: Swapped Behind Bars

Feeling naughty? Maybe you need to spend a little time paying for your sins behind bars with my latest title, where a determined detective will go undercover in an all-female prison… and things get way hotter (and more permanent) than he ever intended!

Swapped Behind Bars: How I Got Stuck as a Female Inmate

Aaron Jones is a hard-boiled detective who’s been hot on the trail of Lady X, the mysterious leader of the all-female gang, the Jasmine Vixens, for years. Thanks to anonymous tip, they finally have a lead on her—she’s running drugs right under their noses, out of Harmony Falls penitentiary. Aaron is the only one with the skills and knowledge to infiltrate the gang and crack the case, but a man can’t go undercover in an all-female prison!

When special agent Sean Turk tells him about an experimental new nanobot technology that can transform him into a gorgeous, eighteen year-old inmate, Aaron sees his chance. Though he’s skeptical at first, he soon gives in and uses the nanobots to become Cordelia James, the youngest member of the Jasmine Vixens to ever enter Harmony Falls. Turk promises to be his man on the outside and spring him if anything goes wrong.

But Aaron didn’t count on the Vixens knowing he was coming! With Lady X always two steps ahead of him, can he figure out her secret identity and escape from prison before she traps him in Cordelia’s body forever? Or will Aaron Jones become just another prison girl, serving at the whims of the Jasmine Vixens as their private plaything for the rest of his life? He’s going to have to think and move quickly if he doesn’t want to be stuck and swapped behind bars…