February Bundlemania! Deep Discounts on Great Series

Hello, Belle fans! I have a few very exciting projects in the works which I know you’re all going to love. March will be the most exciting month ever for Alyson Belle Productions:  Dragon Lady is coming out on March 2nd, there are Hot New Audio Versions of my titles narrated by some very sexy friends of mine coming out (you’ll love their sex scenes–I’ve heard them and they’re hot hot hot), and I have several other books planned including a delightfully naughty choose-your-own-path gender swap story where YOU decide what happens.

While I’m working on those, I’ve decided that it might be nice for February to be a bundlemania month, where you can catch up on any of my series stories you may not have read yet at a nice discount! I have three new releases over the next three weeks that bundle my most popular series into single omnibus editions (in case you missed the sales I ran last year on these), with all-new covers and sexy artwork for you to enjoy.

Don’t miss out on these deals if you haven’t read them yet! It’s the best way to read each series in one, compact package.

Gender Swapped in Space – Releases February 12th!
Swapped by the Witch Queen – Releases February 16th!
Executive Gender Swap – Releases February 23rd!

New Book: Swapped Behind Bars

Feeling naughty? Maybe you need to spend a little time paying for your sins behind bars with my latest title, where a determined detective will go undercover in an all-female prison… and things get way hotter (and more permanent) than he ever intended!

Swapped Behind Bars: How I Got Stuck as a Female Inmate

Aaron Jones is a hard-boiled detective who’s been hot on the trail of Lady X, the mysterious leader of the all-female gang, the Jasmine Vixens, for years. Thanks to anonymous tip, they finally have a lead on her—she’s running drugs right under their noses, out of Harmony Falls penitentiary. Aaron is the only one with the skills and knowledge to infiltrate the gang and crack the case, but a man can’t go undercover in an all-female prison!

When special agent Sean Turk tells him about an experimental new nanobot technology that can transform him into a gorgeous, eighteen year-old inmate, Aaron sees his chance. Though he’s skeptical at first, he soon gives in and uses the nanobots to become Cordelia James, the youngest member of the Jasmine Vixens to ever enter Harmony Falls. Turk promises to be his man on the outside and spring him if anything goes wrong.

But Aaron didn’t count on the Vixens knowing he was coming! With Lady X always two steps ahead of him, can he figure out her secret identity and escape from prison before she traps him in Cordelia’s body forever? Or will Aaron Jones become just another prison girl, serving at the whims of the Jasmine Vixens as their private plaything for the rest of his life? He’s going to have to think and move quickly if he doesn’t want to be stuck and swapped behind bars…

New Book: Summer Loving

Doesn’t it seem like things always get cold and dreary around this time of year? Well, my newest standalone title, Summer Loving: A Slow Change Gender Swap Romance, might be just the thing to stave off the winter chill! If slow, gradual change and resistant romance is more your thing than instant body swaps, you’ll love this title, almost as much as Jesse loves slowly giving in to his new, female appetite for sex…

Summer Loving: A Slow Change Gender Swap Romance

When Ben invites his best friend Jesse for a week-long getaway to his family’s beachside vacation home, Jesse is thrilled! It’ll be the perfect way to spend some quality bro time together, away from jobs, chores, and Ben’s nagging mother who is always asking him when he’s going to find a nice girl and settle down. He’ll settle down later—when he finds the perfect girl.

The boys settle in for a fun week, but things start to get weird when Jesse finds an old mirror that begins to change him in small ways. Longer hair. Softer skin. More curves. The more he changes, the more he starts to look like a girl… like Ben’s perfect girl. And the more he looks like Ben’s perfect girl, the harder it is for Ben to resist his confusing, newfound attraction to his friend.

Can Jesse figure out a way to reverse the spell and resist Ben’s advances before he’s changed all the way into a woman? Or will he give in to his own, increasingly confusing feelings about Ben? Being stuck as Ben’s perfect dream girl for the rest of his life would be awful… wouldn’t it?


New Book: Executive Suite and Dragon Lady Pre-Order Available!

This week brings the exciting conclusion to the His Executive Gender Swap series, which I know many of you have been waiting for! Will Chloe get the life she’s always wanted, or is she going to find out that life as a cock-sucking temp and a stripper isn’t quite all the glitz and glamour that she thought it would be?

Executive Suite (His Executive Gender Swap Book 3)

Now that Chloe is working for a new boss (on her back) and stripping nights, she’s learning more and more about what it means to be a real woman. In fact, she has big plan—plans to use her body to get back at the man who fired her and ruined her life: Jack Grayson of Heliocon Enterprises. With the help of Addison and a hot little red dress, she’s going to put her new skills to work and try to catch him in a trap he won’t be able to talk his way out of.

But when her boss Connor has an unexpected visitor in the middle of a very naughty encounter, Chloe is thrust into a hot, heavy threesome with the person she loathes most: Jack himself! How will she land a job at Heliocon and tank Jack’s career if he already recognizes her from plowing her on Connor’s desk?

Chloe is quickly running out of options, and her life is starting to look as grim as it was when she was Edward. At least she still has her friend Lisa. Could the woman who started this all be the key to unlocking the power of Chloe’s wish? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to His Executive Gender Swap!

I’m also excited to announce that I’m hard at work on the next, naughty chapter of Fantasy Swapped Online: After the sexy and thrilling conclusion to Pleasure Bound, Lacey has a whole host of sexy new talents, but the stakes are higher than ever. How is she going to use her new skills to fight and fuck her way all the way to the Lich-Lord while rescuing her friends in the process? You can find out on March 2nd, so be sure to pre-order and it’ll be delivered straight to your Kindle on release!

Dragon Lady: A Gender Swapped LitRPG Adventure (Fantasy Swapped Online Book 3)

As time runs down for the players trapped by the evil Lich-Lord in the hyper-realistic MMORPG Fantasy Realms Online, Kromgorn the Barbarian is still stuck playing as the gorgeous, pleasure-fueled Lacey the Courtesan, a character designed to level fastest when she’s getting busy with every NPC in sight. It’s a humiliating way to have to play the game, but at least he—er, she’s getting better at it!

But now that Lacey has leveled her character up to an unprecedented level for a Courtesan and unlocked some of the secret, high-level perks of her class—like access to the spell trees of the Charisma-fueled Sorceress class—she finally isn’t quite so helpless as she once was. Thanks to her unique skills, she might end up being the most powerful magic-user on the server, and she has more than one way to make her enemies hot! 

Riding high from her clever victories over the Lich-Lord’s lieutenants, she takes to the skies with her guildmate Topper the Paladin to track down their lost friend Jazzus and confront the traitorous Haxor, before they pin down the location of the Lich-Lord and end his evil schemes once and for all. The only problem is that there are still a few nagging, unanswered questions… Why haven’t they been attacked directly yet? Why has it been so easy for Lacey to gain more power? And exactly how many more NPCs will she need to seduce before this is over? Lacey’s victories have all been a little too perfect… and the only person who has the answers to her questions is the Lich-Lord himself.

The action is hot, the stakes are high, and Lacey will need to pull out every skill she can muster if she wants to win the day. Can she and her friends beat the Lich-Lord at his own game, or are they playing right into his hands?

Pre-Order it Now and don’t miss out!

New Book: People Pleaser

This week we’re continuing the sexy little office story that began back in Corporate Plaything, with Chloe experiencing some very exciting new scenarios…

Edward’s transformation into the hot little minx Chloe hasn’t changed the fact that he still needs to show up for his temp job, so he borrows some of his neighbor Addison’s too-tight clothes and heads into work. Little does he know that Connor Drake, the powerful owner of the firm he was assigned to, has a “special assignment” as his personal assistant marked down for all young, hot girls that migrate through. Chloe can’t afford to lose this job if Edward doesn’t want to lose his apartment, so she’ll need to put up with a lot from Connor, and the most surprising thing is how little she seems to mind some very personal attention from the boss.

The action only gets hotter from there when Addison convinces her that the best way to pick up some extra cash outside of work as a young, hot little thing is to head to the same strip club Edward used to frequent, but this time as one of the dancers! She shows her a few moves and turns her loose, letting Chloe take things as far and as hot as she wants to in the private dancing room behind the curtains…

All this newfound freedom is going to Chloe’s head. It’s shocking how much better stripping is than the crappy warehouse job Edward used to have, and being the boss’s assistant has a lot of perks when she’s not busy on her knees! Is she ever going to find the time to get back to that magic shop and get her wish reversed? She does want that… right?

Be sure to check out all of the hot action in People Pleaser, His Executive Gender Swap Book 2!

New Book: Pleasure Bound

I’m very excited to announce the sequel to my first wildly popular MMORPG LitRPG sexy body swap adventure, Fantasy Swap Online! In Pleasure Bound, book 2 of the series, our hero Kromgorn has to go on a series of sexy misadventures to save his friends while figuring out how to use his hot new body to its fullest potential… it has way more of the interesting character building elements people have asked for, and way more goofy sexual interactions than the first one (plus it’s longer!). Hope you all enjoy.

In the hyper-realistic player versus player MMORPG Fantasy Realms Online, Kromgorn the Barbarian remains trapped alongside his friends by the evil schemes of the Lich-Lord. But despite finding a temporary way to fight back against their enemies in the Secret Order, he’s still stuck in the avatar of a simpering Courtesan named Lacey—a female character that was designed exclusively to get down and dirty with the in-game pleasure system.

When the Lich-Lord’s lackeys use a dirty trick to capture his best friends and guildmates, Kromgorn—now Lacey—is forced to learn some dirty tricks of her own, since she’s the only one left around to rescue them! What’s a helpless little girl to do in a man’s world? But Krom isn’t one to back down from a challenge, even if he is humiliatingly ineffective as Lacey. He sets out with his raunchy halfling pal Erlix to rescue his friends, no matter what he has to do to save them.

Can he rescue his friends and discover the Lich-Lord’s evil plan before real-world events conspire to trap them in the game forever? If he doesn’t hurry, he might end up living in Fantasy Realms Online as a cute little Courtesan for the rest of his life… and the most worrying part of all is that he might be starting to like that idea.

You can get it now on Amazon, right here!

New Book: Naughty Gamer Swap

Very naughty holiday celebrations delayed this post, but fortunately not this book, which was out on Friday! I know some of you are already loving my newest title Naughty Gamer Swap, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, give it a look… it’s just the thing to help get you going in the new year!

Trevor thinks it’s hilarious how bad girls are at videogames, and he loves teasing his friend Kylie by beating her over and over at every game they play. But when Kylie gets annoyed with Trevor’s constant mocking, she decides to teach him a lesson by using an experimental new gaming technology on him that reprograms his genetics to turn him into a horny, young blonde girl overnight!

Trevor is horrified at some of the new side effects of his transformation, like his newfound desires for his sexy roommate, Mitch… and his sexy roommate Samantha. He starts to wonder if maybe girls are so bad at videogames because they’re distracted by other things, like how amazing it feels to try out a few of Samantha’s “very special” toys while she teaches him how his new body works…

But since Kylie won’t have a way to change him back for a few weeks at least, he’s got some other things to figure out too! He has no idea how to be a girl, no clothes to wear, and no idea what the guys at his game testing QA job are going to say about his new, cute, blonde body… He’d better think fast if he wants to keep his job and survive as a woman in a man’s world!

New Book: Space Babe Forever, Holiday Sales, and Free Christmas Gifts!

Hello Belle fans! Merry Christmas and happy holidays. To celebrate the holiday season, I have lots of exciting announcements:

First, Space Babe Forever is out today, and with this book I’m ending the steamy four-book series that began with Space Swapped. Definitely pick it up to find out what happens to poor James T. Mitchell in his struggle for control over the cosmic harem!

Space Babe Forever (Gender Swapped Science Fiction Book 4)

As Captain James T. Mitchell is drawn into a final confrontation with his co-captain, Lana King, the woman who stole his body and his rightful place at the head of the cosmic harem, tensions are high and the group is divided in their support! They have technology that may be able to switch them back, but will the group allow it to be used? Is it even safe?

The aliens are distressed that the humans are having so much conflict, and seek to inject their own methods of control into the situation which results in some very hot, very heavy preggers group action!

And finally, with the fate of the whole human race at stake, will James find a way to make peace with Lana and get his old body back, or is he going to wind up stuck as an eager to please, nubile space babe forever?

Holiday Sales!

Next, I have a very exciting series of sales going on (in addition to the $2.99 sale on my novel-length Christmas story Christmas Swap): the sexy holiday romp Witch Switch will be on sale from Dec 21st to 27th, and my serious, tragic romance Soul Swapped will be on sale from Dec 27th to January 2nd! Don’t miss your chance to get a great deal on these two uniquely hot stories.

Christmas Freebies!

Finally, I have a very special Christmas gift for mailing list subscribers that will go out on December 23rd… If you haven’t signed up yet and gotten your free copy of Forbidden Flirtations, be sure to do that before Dec 23rd so you don’t miss out on this fantastic holiday freebie!

New Book: Bad Daddy (Turned Into a Pregnant Housewife)

Enjoy the latest release in my Swapped & Fertile series, Bad Daddy (Turned Into a Pregnant Housewife): Another tale of an overly-pushy, sexist man who gets a taste of life on the other side of things as an expectant mother!

Bad Daddy (Turned Into a Pregnant Housewife)

When Michael, a strong, sexist alpha male, is caught fooling around on his wife Annie the worst possible way—when the maid shows up crying at his doorstep, six months toward an unexpected bundle of joy—he expects his wife to be furious. But why get angry when she can get even instead?

She punishes him by using a magical talisman to swap his body with the young, weak, foreign maid, and then calls her Russian boyfriend Rolf over to teach Michael a lesson about sticking his things where they don’t belong.

That’s only the beginning of his lesson, though, since Rolf shows up with friends, and he can’t swap back until Annie is satisfied with his performance… it looks like Michael’s punishment is going to be crowded, long, and hard!


New Book: Cosmic Harem, Free Book, Christmas Sale Book!

Lots of exciting and sexy happenings this week as we barrel toward the holiday season: First, I’m excited to announce the release of the third volume of my Gender Swapped Science Fiction series, Cosmic Harem, which continues the story of the brave, intrepid (and now pregnant) adventurer James T. Mitchell as he tries to recover his body and resume his place at the top of his cosmic harem.

Cosmic Harem (Gender Swapped Science Fiction Book 3)

Captain James T. Mitchell, still trapped in the body of his co-captain, Lana King, is finding mounting evidence that Lana may have intentionally swapped bodies with him to steal his place as the head of their cosmic space harem, and in doing so, endangered the entire mission to repopulate Earth!

He’s going to need help to figure out what to do about it though, because the aliens have already shown that the women in the cosmic harem must be subservient to the men, even if those men are running around in a stolen body! In desperation, he seeks help by awakening one of the other preserved Earthlings, Ensign William Stryker. 

As a preggers, powerless woman dependent on the men in her life to help her, how will she convince him to join her cause and fight back against Lana’s selfish and reckless behavior? There’s only one talent a nubile space babe has to persuade men to do her bidding, and James is about to give it everything he’s got, with the fate of the human race itself in the balance!

Winter Sale on Christmas Swap

If that’s not enough on its own to get your motor running, I have two other exciting promotions unfolding right now! First, my new Christmas-themed sweet romance Christmas Swap is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time, so get it now and settle in for some sweet, holiday themed sexy times that’s guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Free Book Weekend: Swapped at Burning Man

Finally, if winter’s cold weather is leaving you a little chilly, maybe a trip to the desert is just what the mistress ordered? My steamy and crazy story Swapped at Burning Man will be totally FREE from Dec 15th-Dec 17th, so don’t miss your chance to grab it while it’s hot and get yourself a dose of literary vitamin D… or at least vitamin XXX. 😉