New Books: Jungle Heat and Preggers in Space

Two of my most popular series continue with my recent releases of Jungle Heat (Book 4 of Gender Swapped by the Witch Queen) and Preggers in Space (Book 2 of Gender Swapped Science Fiction). Whether you’re into steamy fantasy settings or sexy science fiction, you’re sure to enjoy these stories!

Jungle Heat

The great chieftan Azlato has been tricked, exposed, and trapped while his betrayers draw ever closer to ending the life of the woman who stole his body, and if they succeed, he’ll be stuck as a pleasure maiden and forced to carry out the whims of the pleasure mistress for the rest of his life! Powerless to stop them in his tiny, feminine form, he awaits the inevitable while the men have their way with him in the stocks at the center of camp.

In the nick of time, a familiar ally rescues him and carries him into the steamy heart of the jungle, where they’ll seek the help of the mysterious tribe of dark-skinned warrior women known as the amazons… but the help of the amazons does not come without a price, and their appetites for both men and women are insatiable!

Can Azlato reach his enemies and swap back with the witch queen Katjaka in time to save himself from a fate worse than death, or will he be doomed to spending the rest of his days pleasuring men and women in the heat of the jungle night? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the Gender Swapped by the Witch Queen series!

Preggers in Space

Captain James T. Mitchell is now trapped in the body of his co-captain, Lana King, and has successfully undergone the first step of their mission to repopulate Earth! The aliens that have resurrected them have confirmed that he is definitely expecting a little bundle of joy, despite still adjusting to the new realities of life as a woman.

But that’s not the only adjustment he has to make—living as Lana brings a whole host of other complications, such as having to obey the wishes of his new, male companion, and dealing with being only one of a harem of eager, nubile space women as the aliens continue to introduce new mating stock to the luxurious garden at the center of the ship. Even worse, he’s starting to suspect that it may have been no accident that he wound up as Lana…

Is it possible that his co-captain stole his body and forced him to become one of the harem girls so that she could enjoy all the perks of being the harem ruler in their space garden? And what can James even do about it, trapped as he is in the helpless body of an expecting harem babe? He’s going to have to get creative unless he wants to spend the rest of his life mating with his old body and the other girls, trapped and preggers on an alien space station!

Free Book Weekend and New Release: Dark Desires

This week I have a hot new installment of my Gender Swapped by the Witch Queen series for you all and a very special DOUBLE-FREE book weekend!

Dark Desires (Gender Swapped by the Witch Queen, Book 3)

The mighty chieftan Azlato, now trapped in the body of the gorgeous witch queen, has been slowly broken down into his new role as a lowly pleasure maiden — so much so that he’s beginning to enjoy his new life with the men in the pleasure tents, even as it disgusts him!

But now that he knows his allies were plotting to have him killed, he needs to find a way to stop pleasuring the men and rescue the woman who still wears his old body before she’s slain. If he can’t, Azlato will be forced to spend the rest of his days working on his back and his knees…

His only hope is to overload the enchantment that keeps him in this body, even if that means spending a day in the stocks and letting every man in camp have their way with him (at the same time). Can he put up with the indignity long enough to break the spell and rescue himself from a fate worse than death? Find out, in Dark Desires…

I hope you’ll check it out, as well as the first two if you haven’t read them yet!

Finally, if you’re one of the few fans who still hasn’t checked out my VR Gender Swap series, BOTH of the first two books will be free this weekend, so be sure to grab them while they’re hot (Saturday/Sunday only).

FREE BOOKS! Saturday and Sunday only! Slipping In and Going Deep (The Virtnet Chronicles Series)

New Releases: Space Swapped and Sorority Daze!

I have two more steamy books hot off the presses to satisfy all of your naughty, gender-swapping needs this week: First is the scifi genderbender adventure Space Swapped, followed by the kinky college gender-swapping story of a few boys dying to know what Greek life is for girls, Sorority Daze! Each of these kick off their own series, so expect plenty more where this came from…

Space Swapped

Captain James T. Mitchell and his co-captain Lana King made one of the bravest sacrifices in human history when they volunteered to have their brains scanned and bodies frozen by the U.S. Human Preservation Service. In the event that mankind was ever in danger of extinction, they would be unfrozen to carry out their sacred mission: Restarting the human race!

Now, thousands of years in the future, James is awoken from cryo-sleep by a strange alien species to discover that humankind is long dead, and the aliens are encouraging him and Lana to do exactly what they swore to. There’s just one problem: James and Lana have awoken in the wrong bodies! Lana is determined to carry out their mission as planned, but James never expected that he’d be the one to have to do the woman’s job. It all seemed easier when Lana was taking care of that…

Can James adjust to his new life as a woman and carry out the mission he swore to accomplish, or is he going to solve the mystery of how this happened and get back into his old body before Lana manages to talk him into staying the way they are? Find out, in Space Swapped!

Sorority Daze

Jon Mills and his two friends Craig and Mitch are just your average college sophomore dudes: living in the dorms, freaking out over tests, and trying to get laid as often as possible (usually without much success). One evening during the annual campus Greek rush, they decide to make a late-night panty raid on the underwear drawer of the Gamma Sig Sig sorority house while the girls are all away. But before they can get away with their stolen panties, they’re caught red-handed by sorority president Delilah Monroe!

Delilah decides that the boys need a little attitude adjustment when it comes to how they treat women, so she reveals the secret of Gamma Sig Sig: It’s a cover for the magical order of the Gender Swap Sisterhood! She soon puts that magic to good use by turning Jon, Craig, and Mitch into Jenna, Carly, and Mia — three gorgeous coeds with super hot bods and super high sex drives. Delilah tells the new ladies that they need to get in touch with their feminine sides well enough to be invited into one of the campus sororities after rush week, and if they can’t, they’re going to be stuck like this for a while… maybe forever.

Two weeks isn’t much time to learn to be a girl, and it’s even harder when you’re distracted by wanting to get it on with everyone in sight! Although at least now getting laid isn’t a problem for them, provided that they don’t mind being on the receiving end. Can the boys fight past the distractions and learn to be girls well enough to master sorority living, or will they just end up as another cautionary, sex-fueled tale of those who cross the Gender Swap Sisterhood?

Sorority Daze will be out August 1st, and you can get Space Swapped right now, both on Amazon!

Reviews: Savagely Swapped and Corporate Plaything

Sally Bend over at Bending the Bookshelf has two wonderful reviews of some of my most recent work posted.


  • Savagely Swapped was my introduction to the world of Alyson Belle, and it was a delightful one! Here we have a heroic fantasy, complete with violence and blood, where the strongest of men rule by the right of might . . . but where women, it seems, hold the real power.
  • Corporate Plaything, the newest story from Alyson Belle, is a wonderfully erotic twist on the old themes of being careful what you wish for.

Do head over and read her post to see the full reviews, because no one says it quite as well as Sally!


New Release: Corporate Plaything

I’m excited to announce the official release of my latest gender swap novella, Corporate Plaything. Enjoy!

Buy it Now: Corporate Plaything

Ever since Edward Sharpe was fired from his job by the alpha billionaire business owner Jack Grayson, Edward has had to juggle two humiliatingly low-wage jobs just to make his rent and not get kicked out onto the street. It drives him crazy that he has to work and sweat for pennies while beautiful women, like his college friend Lisa, seem to get everything in life handed to them on a silver platter while flouncing around town with men like Jack.

When Edward stumbles into a mysterious magic shop one night and makes a wish that his life could be just as easy as Lisa’s, he wakes up the next morning with some very unexpected results! Now he’s trapped in the body of an amazingly hot, 20-something year-old girl, and has no idea what to do about it. It’s not exactly what he had in mind, and even worse is that as far as he can tell he’s stuck like this! With no identification, no appropriate clothes, and no idea how to be a woman, he needs to figure something out fast if he’s going to make rent this month.

Fortunately for him, his next-door neighbor Addison has a few bright ideas to help him make money while he figures out how to get his old body back…

This is the first book in my new “His Executive Gender Swap” series, so if you like it, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list so you know when the next one comes out!

New Release: Savagely Swapped

I’m excited to announce the official release of my latest gender swap novella, this time with a dash of steamy fantasy. Enjoy!

Buy it Now: Savagely Swapped

The powerful warrior-king Azlato gets a taste of his own pleasure tents from an unusually feminine perspective when he crosses the wrong woman!

Azlato, the most powerful chieftan of the grassland people, is used to having his way with women. With each conquest of a neighboring tribe, he selects the most beautiful female captives to serve his men in their pleasure tents and delights in their subjugation.

When the gorgeous queen of a newly conquered tribe warns Azlato that she won’t stand for her people to be used like this, he mocks and ignores her. To punish him, she gives him a taste of his own medicine by swapping bodies with him and sending Azlato to his pleasure tents in her body!

Now Azlato is seeing the world from a whole new perspective. Can he adjust to his new life as a nubile pleasure maiden and escape the witch’s curse before the enchantment becomes permanent?

This is the first book in my new “Gender Swapped by the Witch Queen” series, so if you like it, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list so you know when the next one comes out!

New Site, New Books, Such Excitement

Welcome to Alyson Belle Productions! I am thrilled to have you here and am only too happy to share my erotica with you. Here on the site you can find my whole catalog of eBooks, both those available on Amazon and those available exclusively here on

My big announcement is that my first two books in my Virtnet Chronicles gender swap series are live on, so be sure to pick them up there today!

If you like those, you’ll also be excited to know that the next two are due out later this month, so don’t be shy about pre-ordering those as well…

And last but not least, I can’t wait to share my latest foray into fantasy with you! If you enjoy fantasy, definitely check out my new “Gender Swapped by the Witch Queen” series. The first book is due out early this month, and you can see more details below.

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